Ever since their first collaborative effort as students in a Geography class at McGill University, Talar and Jean-Claude have enjoyed working together. Upon their arrival in Calgary in 1981 they both found work in a drafting firm serving the energy sector. When the difficult economic conditions of that period necessitated a career change, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pursue self-employment in the crafts, an area that had always held their interest. Making furniture was the ideal choice as they could combine Jean-Claude's ability in woodworking and Talar's passion for drawing and design. They started making pieces that could fulfill both an aesthetic and practical function. Over the years they have been active members of the Alberta Craft Council and the Southern Alberta Woodworking Society and have participated in many of their juried exhibitions. Their work has been shown and sold in galleries across Alberta and in Toronto and Montreal. Some of the marquetry pieces have been purchased by clients as far away as the UK, Holland, Japan and the US. A most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of their craft has been in designing and building commission pieces to satisfy the desire for uniquely hand made fine furniture for many wonderful clients.