Commission Process

Why choose custom furniture?

There are a number of reasons for choosing this option. You may want pieces that reflect your unique social and artistic values or represent a particular historical period. At other times you simply want to meet some practical needs in terms of dimensions, material and function.

Step 1. Contact us by phone or e-mail to make an appointment for an initial meeting.

Step 2. The first meeting will generally take place in your home, giving us the opportunity to see the setting for the proposed project. Discussion will center on practical aspects such as function, choice of materials, dimensions, accessories, as well as the aesthetic effects you wish to achieve. An indication of your project budget, though not necessary, will be most helpful in guiding us through material selection and design considerations. At this point we will give you an estimated completion time.

Step 3. If you wish to proceed further with the commissioning process you can request designs. We will collect a small design fee proportional to the scope of the project. This fee includes at least two or three designs within a specified price range.

Step 4. The following meeting will take place in a few weeks time once the designs are completed. It could take place at our studio/workshop if you are interested in visiting our premises and seeing where your piece(s) will be built. We will show you wood samples we think are most suitable for the project and give you the specifications and detailed dimensions, along with an exact cost for each design. Once a design is finalized we require a deposit of one third to start the project with the balance due on delivery.

Step 5. Depending on complexity, each piece may require a few weeks to a few months of actual building time. During this time you are welcome to make arrangements to come and see the work in progress.

Step 6. Delivery and balance due.